PRANZ’s mission is to advocate for Packrafting and for Packrafters.  PRANZ is affiliated to both the Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ, and Whitewater NZ the national amateur recreational organisations for tramping and whitewater paddle sports.

PRANZ  exists with the support of our members, and of FMC and WWNZ.  By joining PRANZ, you’ll increase the voice of Packrafters, through the support of FMC and WWNZ, to ensure access, advocacy and safety initiatives keep Packrafting in New Zealand, available, fun and safer for all.

Membership is $45 for a year and includes FMC discount card.

Why should I join?

  • As a member, you can participate in PRANZ events: some events are free for members, and others have an event fee to cover event expenses (such as the annual Packrafting Meetup)
  • Each member counts as another supporter of FMC and WWNZ.  The more supporters these organisations have, the louder their voice when it comes to advocating for our recreational opportunities.
  • You become eligible to enter into FMC competitions, apply for training and expedition scholarships.
  • You get our regular Packrafting newsletter.
  • PRANZ is run by volunteers, and we don’t want to see those volunteers being out of pocket… The fee helps cover a few of the expenses of running this association, so our volunteers can just concentrate on doing the work, without having to fund expenses for members out of their own pockets…

Where does that money go?

  • PRANZ pays a (small) affiliation fee to FMC to help strengthen Packrafting advocacy.
  • Towards maintaining and developing this website and PRANZ resources.
  • To cover some costs of volunteers who run events which are free for PRANZ members.
  • A small amount of each fee goes into (very) slowly building up PRANZ funds: For future projects which could involve training subsidies, maybe legal fees for the court battle to prevent a company damming a fantastic packrafting river… The future is uncertain, and PRANZ wants to be in a position to help defend our packrafting opportunities.

How do I join?

Fill out the form and make payment to the PRANZ Account (acc no on form and in confirmation email)