PRANZ runs a number of regional mini-meetups around the country, plus a main national meetup once a year.  These meetups are for PRANZ members. 

The next PRANZ national meetup will be held on the 11th-16th of January in Murchison. Visit the National Meetup page to learn more.

Details of regional mini-meetups are all on the events page of the PRANZ Facebook Page.

About PRANZ meetups

These meetups are for autonomous Packrafters, they are not safety courses or intro days for people who have never packrafted before. You’re expected to take responsibility for your own safety and participate in the safety of the team on your trip. You’ll need to bring all your own pack rafting and safety equipment, food, and suitable clothing for the location and conditions. See this page for places to buy/hire gear.

The PRANZ volunteers who organise the mini-meetup do the job of setting the venue and facilitating people into groups appropriate to their skill levels. Trip leader(s) will be appointed, but these are not guided trips; you need to have the basics all sorted and take responsibility for your own safety!  If you don’t have the skills, then you should go on a whitewater safety course, or get friends to help you learn the basics.

To attend a meetup, you’ll need to join PRANZ and register for the event.