PRANZ’s mission is to advocate for Packrafting and for Packrafters.  PRANZ is affiliated to both the Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ, and Whitewater NZ;  the national amateur recreational organisations for tramping and whitewater paddle sports.

PRANZ is pleased to announce the first official committee has been formed in September 2018.

PRANZ  exists with the support of our members, and of FMC and WWNZ.  By joining PRANZ you’ll increase the voice of Packrafters, through the support of FMC and WWNZ, to ensure access, advocacy and safety initiatives keep Packrafting in New Zealand, available, fun and safer for all.

Membership is powered by the WWNZ system.

After you join PRANZ  your  annual membership will allow you to:

  • Participate in PRANZ events, such as the annual Packrafting Meetup
  • Make you a member of FMC and affiliate of WWNZ, and able to access many of the member benefits of those organisations
  • Help fund the maintenance and development of this website, and other initiatives to support Packrafting.
  • Enter into FMC competitions, apply for training and expedition scholarships