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PRANZ has already come a long way in a year; We’ve established websites, safety plans, relationships with White water NZ and Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ and run meetups. There’s a whole bunch more meetups on the horizon for the 2018/19 season, and plenty more work to be done.

We’ve achieved all this with the support of a few keen people behind the scenes, but now it’s time to formally appoint a President, Treasurer and committee members to continue the great work we’ve started.

PRANZ needs YOU to step up and volunteer to fill one of those roles.


Email your application through to by 21st of September. Tell us:

  1. what role you’re applying for,
  2. what your packrafting experience is,
  3. what skills you’ll bring to PRANZ and
  4. what you want to achieve as a committee member.


Why are we doing this?

So that PRANZ is properly established as an Incorporated Society, with legally enforceable rules that protect the correct management of PRANZ, its funds, its members and the committee.

It also ensures that we all know who are the people that are democratically elected to lead and manage the association.


What positions do we need to fill?

  • President
    • Responsible for the leadership of PRANZ
    • Chairperson for any meetings/discussions and votes.
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    • Responsible for managing PRANZ finances
    • Filling out annual returns for the Societies Office
    • Managing the membership system.
  • Up to 13x General committee members (appointed to various tasks)


What jobs need doing?

  • Support the running of meet-ups
  • Developing our website
  • Growing our membership.
  • Creating a logo
  • Developing and maintaining documentation;
    • Safety resources
    • Training resources
    • Safety Management Plans
    • SOPs for the running of PRANZ
  • Advocating for Packrafting when public submissions are called for by DOC/Councils etc.
  • Developing PRANZ into a respected, sustainable and capable organisation.


Who can apply?

  • You don’t have to be a PRANZ member to apply, but you will have to become a member if you are accepted.
  • Anyone who is willing to do some work to support the mission of PRANZ. You don’t need to be an expert/experienced packrafter!
  • We’re after people with a wide range of skills that can be of use to the association; design, project management, publications, IT, accounting, social media, organisation, leadership, legal, advocacy and public planning skills…


What will it involve?

  • You will be expected to contribute to discussions via email and to vote on various decisions.
  • Committee members are expected and to attend the annual PRANZ meetup, where our AGM will be held.
  • You should be willing to do the role for at least 1 year.
  • The amount of time you devote is up to you, but you should have at least half an hour a week to spare to commit to the role.
  • All committee members name, photo and a bio will be published on the PRANZ website.


What if we get more nominations that positions?

Then the members of PRANZ will be asked to vote for who they wish to represent them.


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